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Ground Rule

"First, you cannot "expect" anything more than to pay the lady for her time with you, either at a place mutually agreeable ("outcall") or at her place ("incall"). Anything else and you may be participating in an illegal activity. Prostitution is illegal throughout the US, with the exception of the legalized brothels in Nevada. Both client and ....."

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What To Expect

"DO EXPECT her to check your i.d. carefully. She does not want to get busted. Don't be surprised if she asks you to take off pants and shorts to expose your penis. She thinks that will prove you aren't a cop (although it really doesn't). DO expect to feel like a clumsy idiot standing there half-naked! # DO EXPECT her to turn and leave if you use any specific words ....."

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Client Tips

"Make your first contact memorable. Be concise, honest, friendly and open. If you just want info (shopping?) be honest. If you want to schedule an appointment, suggest best time for you (don't say "How about some time next week?") Mention fee if you don't already know, but don't ask specific questions ..... "

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General Tips

"Remember that the escort may be a bit distant in the very beginning because she has at LEAST as many concerns as you do, like 1) getting busted, 2) getting a weird/bozo client or 3) getting a no-show, so keep things level ....."

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Know Your Rights

"To fight police abuse effectively you need to know your rights. There are some things you should do, some things you must do and some things you cannot do. If you are in the middle of a police encounter, you need a handy and quick reference to remind you what your rights and obligations are. That's why the ACLU is making these tips ....."

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"AKA - Also Known As.   Asian - Oral sex on the anus of either sex (aka Rimming or Around-the-World).   Asian Cowgirl - Cowgirl with girl on her feet, instead of her knees....."

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All the information above should make things more smooth when you're enjoying a "companion".