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"The techniques and exercises in this manual are recommended by doctors world-wide. I am not responsible for misuse of this product.

It is the responsibility of the user to thoroughly read the safety, warm-up, warm-down procedures prior to beginning this program.

The exercise techniques, if used improperly can damage the penis. The Resource Manual clearly indicates any possible safety issues that may arise while using these techniques.

By utilizing these techniques and continuing forward in this manual, you declare that you have read this legal notice and do not hold or their parent company(s) liable for any damages incurred while using this product.

Your penis is divided into three chambers which are made of a spongy tissue. This tissue absorbs blood as it rushes to the penis, creating an erection. If you can perform the right exercises, these three chambers will gradually expand and eventually be able to hold more blood. This creates a larger Penis!

The key to growing the penis is expanding the erectile ......."

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" Many people who read the rough draft of this book were upset by parts of it. Invariably, I'd hear the same complaint. "These tactics you're teaching probably work really well. We thought the parts on power and confidence and on meeting women were great. But some of the actual seduction techniques are down right dishonest and unfair. They really don't give the woman any choice. Why don't you just leave them out of the book? Then no one could possibly have any objections. "Ok. Let's get the "unfair" charge out of the way. Yes, some, and I mean SOME of the seduction tactics in this book could easily be classified as "unfair." And, truth to tell, I had some serious moral reservations about putting them in the book. However, "unfair" and "fair" are relative terms. If you and I are in a boxing match, and we are both fighting by the rules, then it is totally unfair for me to kick you in the nuts and poke you in the eyes. You are fighting by the rules, and so should I.

But, if YOU start fighting dirty, I will feel under no moral obligation ......."

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